Siding and Cladding - Metal Siding

Steel siding is emerging as a great alternative to vinyl and cement-based sidings. There are several factors which make steel siding an attractive option for some homeowners.

Advantages include:
– Made from recycled materials and fully recyclable
– Durability
– Fire resistance
– Bug and pest resistance
– Easy installation
– Low maintenance finish
– Many colors
– Wide range of profiles

  • T2.33 Horizontal Siding Panel
  • D3.75 Horizontal Siding Panel
  • H5.75 Horizontal Siding Panel
  • H8 Horizontal Siding Panel
  • HCT9 Heavy WallTapered
  • HC9 Heavy WallTapered
  • C2.5 Raised Batten Vertical
  • V1.5 Vertical Board & Batten
  • V5.5 Channel Siding
  • C6 Commercial Profile
  • V3.75 Vertical Balanced Batten
  • CT6 Tapered Commercial Profile