Pump Jacks & Planks

Alum-A-Poles are made from a special structural aluminum that is permanently mated to a Saf- T-Grip rubber.

Alum-A-Poles can be quickly spliced and used to a 50 foot maximum shoulder working height (OSHA).

The Alum-A-Joint has 3 separate safety stops. They can be used for different height needs and uncouple quickly for convenient storage.

Erection time can be cut in half! Uttle or no sway. Will not crack or warp like wood. Rigid!

Alumapole Pump Jacks
Alumapole Work Bench Extension
Alumapole Roof Brace
Alumapole Hurcules 6′ RB Pole
Alumapole Hurcules 12′ RB Pole
Alumapole Hurcules 24′ RB Pole
Alumapole pole connector 6′
Alumapole Pole Mud caps

12″ x 12′ 500 lb capacity
12″ x 16′ 500 lb capacity
12″ x 20′ 500 lb capacity
12″ x 24′ 500 lb capacity

18″ x 16′ 500 Ib capacity
18″ x 20′ 500 Ib capacity
18″ x 24′ 500 Ib capacity

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